Android smart phones have managed to attract millions of customers worldwide. People, who cannot afford an iPhone often find android phones feasible. Whether your android phone is expensive or cheap, you may not be able to enjoy it completely unless you have few of the most useful android apps installed in it. But the question is how will you ever come to know if an app is actually useful or not? Undoubtedly, Google’s play store is pooled with thousands of android apps that knowing which one is best can be quite time consuming. To help you out, I am here to list you some of the best android apps, which I think every android phone should have. Read to know what they are.

The 16 Most Useful Android Apps To Have In Your Phone

The android applications listed over here are rated and reviewed the best than others. We would love to hear how these apps have been helpful in your daily life. So, don’t forget to drop your opinions in the comments section.

16. Strava Cycling

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This app is developed by the world’s most innovative company named “Fitness-Fast”. If you are waiting to go on a long drive on your bike and thinking of tracking how fast you go, then Strava Cycling becomes the must -have android app in your phone. Strava helps you in tracking the rides through GPS, join challenges and also helps in analyzing performance. This app uses the phone’s GPS system to track your current location. It measures how quickly you ride to reach the destination. Every innovation comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. So, is this app. The main drawback of this android app is that once you start using it, your battery drains up in no time. Therefore, use it only when required. Based on how long you need to make your journey, this android app provides a clear map with routes against the pre-determined segments. This will range anywhere between 1/2 mile & 150 miles. The faster you try to finish a segment, higher you climb up on the leaderboard against other users. You will not even realize when you have completed your segments but yes, you will see a nice boost and find a trophy next to your name. Don’t forget to stop for the lights anyway.

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15. Evernote Food

If you turn out to be a foodie, then Evernote Food  is one of the most useful android apps for you to install in your phone.  Evernote helps you remember the foods you like the most. It is the right app for making you discover wonderful restaurants and recipes. It has added a very clever search function, allowing you to find the exact recipes you are looking for. At the same time it  keeps an eye on everything you eat.

useful android apps

Evernote food is packed with 4 important functions. These include

  • Saving the recipe
  • Building a cookbook
  • Guiding you on the right track as to what you must eat and how much you should eat
  • Finding the restaurants near you

These functions are designed carefully so that a user finds it helpful. You can even sync this app with your existing Evernote services. Even though you don’t use the first 3 functions often, local restaurant finder will certainly be very useful. Moreover, if you are crazy after taking snaps of your dishes,  Evernote food’s “my meals” feature allows you to snap as well as tag the location of your favorite cuisine.

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14. Weather Signal

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The one most important thing, which almost everyone will want to know is none other than “weather”. Gone are those days when you had to watch news channels and radios to know the climatic conditions of where you reside. With this app, everything seems easy. This is the reason why Weather Signal has been added onto the list of most useful android apps. The inbuilt environmental sensors in your phone helps this app to deliver a detailed weather report. The home screen of this app shows a cute graphic, organized in tiles view. It is one of the new and smart techniques for collecting weather data. It displays pressure, temperature, light levels and magnetic flux.

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13. Saga – Automatic Lifelogging

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Don’t let the app name fool you. This app neither helps you plan your trips nor has it to do anything with pensions. This android app generates chronological record of an individual’s life using personal information and phone’s GPS data.  All you have to do is to  give out your information like your name, your age, where you work and where you live. You can even add pictures and annotations of the places you have visited so far and the ones you will visit.  There are no boundaries on how many locations you append. After you are done with it, you can even share it on social sites if you wish to. Saga is one of the best and most useful android apps I have personally come across. It not only helps in tracking as to where we actually go and what we perform but also shares true stories about your life with family and friends. In the above picture, you will see a tab named “Me”, which creates a graph on the amount of time you have literally spent at home, workplace, distance traveled, number of places you have visited etc. To describe this app in short terms, it utilizes your location,  images and notes to create an interactive timeline about your life. When it is completely done, you can either make it private or public.

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